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We’re known for quietly assisting businesses strategize, grow and make great impact within their respective industries, while allowing each client to continue increasing their revenue, clients served and brand visibility through streamlining processes, maximizing their brand position and facilitating impactful campaigns to target their ideal client / customer base.

What makes us

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Client Communication
Through the Creativity Justified Client Onboarding approach to our Client Project Management Portal, we offer various communication tools for our clients to stay engaged with their branding team (consultant, designer, developer and Client Happiness team member) throughout their entire branding project!
Holistic Approach
We offer a holistic branding approach and allow the client to choose which segment of the plan they’d like to implement or if they’d like our team to implement every level of their plan(s).
Extended Availability
We understand that branding emergencies and urgent marketing needs might happen in your business! We’re here to save the day! With a team available around the clock to help expand your brand with unlimited resources at our fingertips!
Worldwide Support
Due to the virtual nature of our industry, we’re able to provides solutions to clients in our backyard and across the world at the same time!

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Choose the option that works best for your business needs:

Looking for direction or a strategy on how to market, scale or start your brand? You’ve come to the right place!
Our consultants provide a wide-range of consulting experience to help guide your brand through proven strategy creation and branding expertise.
We have all the branding, marketing and advertising solutions needed to catapult your brand and realize your strategic plan.
With over 16 years of experience, we offer web design and development solutions, ad management and campaigns, search engine optimization, social media graphics and much more.
Want to learn how to market and brand your business for yourself? We thought you might. Which is why we created BrandPlan courses.
We’ve developed a series of branding courses aimed at providing you with the tools, knowledge and instruction to become a brand expert.

Our Genius Approach to
Growth in Your Brand

Discovery & Qualification
During our discovery and qualification phase, we will briefly discuss your brand/business, learn about your current challenges, brand growth opportunities and more. This meeting is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Identify & Recommend
During our this phase, our brand consultant will take a deep dive into your business to identify branding abnormalities, weaknesses and inconsistencies. The consultant will then create a proposal and present a high-level overview our consulting/advisory recommendation(s) along with alternative solutions for selection.
Strategize & Plan
The strategy phase is where our team will present and break down each section of our proposed plan along with the tools needed to implement the plan. We will provide recommendations of the best needed mechanisms for your industry. The plan will enable your team to implement, or you may hire our team to implement.
Implementation & Metrics
Once the plan has been decided upon, our team will implement the full plan or sections of the plan that you’ve hired us to complete on your company’s behalf. We will incorporate metrics to track the data received and measure how it compares on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual term.

Want to Learn How to Brand Your Business?
Introducing the BrandPlan

We now provide self-paced courses to teach you how to brand your business like a marketing professional! The BrandPlan provides courses in “How to Start a Business“, “Creating a Timeless Logo“, “Launching a Fool-Proof Landing Page“, “Generating Leads through Email and Text Marketing“ and much more.

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Great reviews

Don’t take our word for it! View our client reviews and testimonials!

The best experience & support

Carrita and her team are simply the best. They provided my company with the most affordable branding solutions without skimping on quality and design! Thanks Creativity Justified!

Robert Tanner, Jr.

President & CEO| Integrity Financial Business & Corporate Services

Absolutely the best

One of the best professional experiences ever! I used this company for web design, marketing, printing, graphic design and web Maintenance.

Keia Stepter
CEO of Craft It Consulting | COO of Walker Family Services

Carrita gets the job done!

Carrita is always attentive to my needs as a small business owner. Working with Creativity Justified to bring my company’s vision to life has been a joy. I have worked with different companies before, once the work is complete so is the business relationship. I feel as if i’m building a solid foundation and longevity with Creativity Justified. I would recommend this company to any business owner who wants to build a strong online presence you can trust Creativity Justified with your vision.

Ginger Hamilton
Founder of Mane Adorn

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