Closing the Health and Wealth Gap: Creativity Justified’s Partnership with Ochsner Health’s Supplier Diversity Microsite

In an era where businesses strive for inclusivity and social impact, Ochsner Health has emerged as a pioneer in their commitment to closing the health and wealth gap within local communities. Their visionary Healthy State 2030 initiative aims to improve the overall health and well-being of individuals across the region. To support this mission, Ochsner Health recognized the importance of engaging diverse suppliers and businesses in their operations. Creativity Justified, a leading digital agency, partnered with Ochsner Health to develop a Supplier Diversity microsite that aligns with the Healthy State 2030 initiative, fostering opportunities for local businesses, particularly those from diverse classification groups, to thrive.

Promoting Supplier Diversity and Economic Inclusion:

Ochsner Health understands that health and wealth go hand in hand. By providing opportunities for local suppliers and businesses, especially those owned by minorities, women, service-disabled veterans, and other diverse classification groups, Ochsner Health aims to promote economic inclusion and uplift the communities they serve. Creativity Justified played a pivotal role in this endeavor by conceptualizing and designing a visually stunning and user-friendly microsite that serves as an access point for suppliers to engage with Ochsner Health’s Supplier Diversity department.

Empowering Suppliers and Enabling Collaboration:

The Supplier Diversity microsite developed by Creativity Justified serves as a powerful platform to educate and guide potential suppliers through the process of registering and doing business with Ochsner Health. The site provides valuable resources, such as supplier spotlights/profiles, automation tools, and a well-defined supplier journey, which empowers suppliers to showcase their capabilities, connect with Ochsner Health, and ultimately contribute to the Healthy State 2030 initiative.

As a former employee of Ochsner with more than fifteen years of healthcare experience, as well as now a flourishing, full-time entrepreneur running a highly successful advertising agency based in New Orleans, I’ve always sought to position my agency in a way to have the capabilities needed to do business with a powerhouse organization like Ochsner Health. Many major organizations publicize their DE&I initiatives for supplier and vendors but very few take the steps needed to truly engage minority-owned suppliers to do business with their organization. Ochsner is a leader in making sure that they not only speak to diversity and equity, but take action in making it happen and we are beyond excited to work with Ochsner.

Carrita tanner-cloud, president and CEO of creativity justified

Creating a Seamless Experience:

Creativity Justified’s expertise in web design and development was instrumental in creating a seamless user experience on the Supplier Diversity microsite. The site’s clean and welcoming design, coupled with intuitive navigation, ensures that suppliers can easily find the information they need. By incorporating automation features, such as online registration and streamlined processes, Creativity Justified has reduced barriers and accelerated the onboarding of diverse suppliers, allowing them to start doing business with Ochsner Health more efficiently.

Synergies with Healthy State 2030:

The Supplier Diversity microsite perfectly aligns with Ochsner Health’s Healthy State 2030 initiative. By actively seeking diverse suppliers, Ochsner Health promotes economic growth and addresses the health and wealth gap in local communities. Through their collaboration with Creativity Justified, Ochsner Health demonstrates their commitment to fostering an inclusive business ecosystem that empowers diverse suppliers and creates opportunities for local businesses to thrive.

Creativity Justified’s partnership with Ochsner Health in developing the Supplier Diversity microsite represents a remarkable step toward closing the health and wealth gap within local communities. By providing a platform for diverse suppliers and businesses to engage with Ochsner Health, Creativity Justified has empowered local entrepreneurs and fostered economic inclusion. Through their combined efforts, Ochsner Health and Creativity Justified contribute to the success of the Healthy State 2030 initiative, ensuring that the benefits of healthcare extend far beyond medical services, positively impacting the social and economic well-being of the communities they serve.

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