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Choose the option that best works for your business:
Full Engagement
High End
Established Budget(s)
  • It sounds like you’re most interested in strategically growing your business by maximizing your marketing efforts, aligning your internal and external branding, improving your brand message and targeting your ideal client base. Full engagement allows our consultant(s) to provide both remote and onsite assistance to your company without distractions, delays or interruptions.
  • We dive deep into your systems and processes to ensure your brand message resonated throughout every aspect of your business. We identify weak areas within your business structure to fortify and create a brand foundation that speaks to your ideal audience.
  • – Lack of Employee/Team Buy In and Engagement (Are Your Employees Brand Ambassadors or Assassins?)
  • – Creating Systems and Processes that Articulate Your Brand Message
  • – Investing Funds into the Right Advertising and Marketing for Your Industry
  • – Making Your Audience Competent About Your Service and/or Product
  • – Project Mismanagement or Customer/Client Service Dissatisfaction
  • FULL ENGAGEMENT is for companies who may:
  • – have a lack of automation (automated brand messaging)
  • – cannot trace their marketing dollar (unaware of their advertising costs)
  • – CRMs inability to parallel branding
  • – Outdated technology and social media presence
  • – Systems inability to communicate with one another
  • – total dependence or independence of leadership involvement in branding initiatives
Advisory Consults
Virtual Only
Booked Individually
  • This service is single business owner (entrepreneur) focused. Everyday, thousands of startups and small businesses are forming. Keeping that in mind, the consultants of Creativity Justified have established a hub for Small Business owners searching for branding and advertising advice without the costly implementation.
  • If you are searching for personal, one-on-one engagement and counsel for your brand, we want to assist you! We work with startups and small businesses to assist owners in finding their brand’s identity.
  • On your scheduled advisory call, we will take a deep dive into the branding details needed to launch your business, develop and brand your business plan, effectively communicate your brand’s tone with your ideal audience, assist in identifying new products and/or services, and provide connections to programs, grants and initiatives to provide the funding needed to launch your brand.
  • All advisory calls must be scheduled in advance and full payment is due when scheduling. Refunds will not be provided, however, if a call must be rescheduled, due to emergency, it must be done at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled call time.
  • – Launching Your Business
  • – Struggling with Identifying Your Audience
  • – Failing at Brand Awareness and Social Media Presence
  • – Looking to Establish a Brand Presence within Your Market and/or Industry
  • – Ready to Follow the Advisory Received from Consults
  • – Ready to Implement Strategies Presented to You and Your Team
  • – Able to Begin Working On and Not Just “In“ Your Business
Project-Based Campaign
Event or Project
  • We understand! You have a major upcoming event or project and you’re looking for expert guidance and/or creative direction. You’ve tried to do it on your own or with your internal team in the past and well…it just didn’t work out.
  • That’s where we come in! Hire the experts to manage, direct and provide guidance during your next major project and/or event. We specialize in providing unique, professional and innovative project-based solutions for businesses throughout the U.S.
  • We will review your event/project details, identify your needs and present a proposal for your review. Once we’ve been awarded the contract, we will begin ironing out the details of your project/event by systematically developing an itinerary, timeline, statement of work, project materials list and more to ensure every detail of your next project/event is captured.
  • Once the plan has been established, we will implement with in-house tools and/or services needed to ensure your project’s success.
  • – You’ve identified a project or event requiring outside assistance
  • – You’re ready to delegate and release full creative direction to an external team
  • – Your event/project is not less than 4-6 months away
Retainer-Based Consulting
Retainer Based
6 Month Commitment
  • Why pay a marketing/advertising team salary when you can outsource? Save time, money and get your branding completed quicker with retainer-based consulting. Instead of relying on your employees to provide you with market research, metrics and branding direction, you can retain a Creativity Justified consultant to provide you with the expertise needed to bring your business/company to a platform of greater awareness.
  • This is ideal for smaller businesses requiring marketing solutions and advice without the hefty price tag. Our monthly retainers are affordable and can range from $2,500 to $11,500 per month (depending on the number of hours requested), saving your company thousands of dollars per year.
  • Retainers are prepaid and hours (telephone calls, emails, research) are billed against your retainer each month. You can view your retainer balance at any time within your client dashboard. Retainers will auto-refill once they fall below a 25% threshold.
  • All consulting retainers are subject to a minimum 6 month agreement.
  • – Your company occasionally requires branding advice and/or research
  • – You have an internal team available to execute and implement the solutions and plans suggested.
  • – Your leadership or marketing team is available for monthly rounding and implementation check-in.