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August 1, 2023

Louisiana Department of Health

The Challenge

The WISEWOMAN Campaign, initiated by the Louisiana Department of Health, faced a significant challenge in spreading awareness about free heart health screenings available for low-income women across the state. The imperative was to create an impactful campaign that resonated with the target audience and communicated the importance of these screenings in preventing heart-related issues.

The Solution

In response to the challenge, Creativity Justified, a distinguished digital agency with expertise in innovative campaigns, embarked on a comprehensive strategy to amplify the reach and impact of the WISEWOMAN initiative. Our collaboration aimed to create a multi-faceted outdoor advertising campaign that would effectively communicate the message of heart health screenings to the target audience.

  • Strategic Outreach: We designed a strategic approach that encompassed a variety of outdoor advertising formats, ensuring widespread visibility and engagement. Our team conceptualized and executed a holistic campaign strategy that included billboards, postcards, bus bench ads, bus ads, journal ads, and radio spots, allowing us to reach individuals across different touchpoints in their daily lives.
  • Compelling Creative: The core of the campaign lay in our ability to craft compelling and resonant creatives. Leveraging our expertise in visual communication and messaging, we developed visuals and copy that resonated deeply with low-income women, conveying the significance of free heart health screenings in a relatable and engaging manner.
  • Social Media Amplification: Recognizing the power of digital platforms, we orchestrated a social media ad campaign to augment the reach of the wellness expos and the overall WISEWOMAN initiative. Through targeted social media advertising, we extended the campaign’s impact, engaging individuals where they already spend a significant amount of their time.
  • Script Writing and Radio Ads: To tap into the auditory senses, we created impactful script writing for radio ads. These radio spots conveyed the message concisely while evoking emotions and urgency. The radio ads were strategically placed to capture attention during peak listening hours, ensuring maximum impact.

Collaborative Success

The partnership between Creativity Justified and the Louisiana Department of Health led to a triumphant campaign that surpassed initial expectations. By integrating a range of outdoor advertising formats, along with a robust social media presence and impactful radio ads, we effectively generated awareness about heart health screenings. Our collaboration highlighted the importance of early prevention and empowered low-income women to take charge of their heart health.

Through a combination of strategic outreach, compelling creative, and strategic amplification, our campaign succeeded in driving engagement and encouraging action. The heart health screenings received heightened attention, and low-income women were inspired to prioritize their well-being. The Creativity Justified team demonstrated its commitment to meaningful communication, resulting in an impactful campaign that positively impacted the health and lives of countless individuals across Louisiana.

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    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy, Marketing Strategy

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    Creative Direction, Development, Graphic Design

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    Louisiana Department of Health - Southeast Area Health Centers

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    Government (Health)

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    Carrita Tanner-Cloud

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