Corporate Videography
June 4, 2024

NFL Super Bowl LIX Source

Client: NFL Super Bowl LIX Host Committee

Agency: Creativity Justified

Project Overview: The NFL Super Bowl LIX Host Committee engaged Creativity Justified to provide videography services for their kickoff event in New Orleans. The objective was to capture the excitement and significance of the event, highlighting the accepted suppliers and vendors who would play crucial roles in the upcoming Super Bowl activities.


  1. Capture Event Highlights: Document key moments of the kickoff event, including speeches, presentations, and interactions among attendees.
  2. Showcase Suppliers and Vendors: Highlight the accepted suppliers and vendors to emphasize their contributions and roles in the Super Bowl preparations.
  3. Create Engaging Content: Produce high-quality, engaging video content that can be used for promotional purposes across various platforms.


  1. Pre-Event Planning: Creativity Justified collaborated with the Host Committee to understand the event’s key elements and the desired narrative. This included identifying important segments and individuals to feature.
  2. On-Site Videography: A professional videography team was deployed to the event, equipped with high-definition cameras and audio equipment. They captured speeches, vendor showcases, networking moments, and the overall ambiance of the event.
  3. Interview Segments: The team conducted brief interviews with key suppliers, vendors, and Host Committee members to provide insights and personal stories, adding depth to the final video.
  4. Post-Production: Creativity Justified’s editing team worked to produce a cohesive and engaging video. They incorporated dynamic transitions, background music, and graphics to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling.



  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The final video provided a comprehensive overview of the kickoff event, showcasing the enthusiasm and collaboration among the participants.
  2. Supplier and Vendor Spotlight: The video effectively highlighted the suppliers and vendors, giving them recognition and promoting their involvement in the Super Bowl preparations.
  3. Engaging Promotional Content: The Host Committee received high-quality content that could be used in their marketing campaigns, social media, and other promotional activities, helping to build excitement for Super Bowl LIX.

Conclusion: Creativity Justified successfully captured the essence of the NFL Super Bowl LIX Host Committee’s kickoff event through their expert videography services. The final product not only documented the event but also highlighted the vital contributions of the suppliers and vendors. This project demonstrated Creativity Justified’s ability to deliver high-quality, engaging visual content that supports client objectives and enhances promotional efforts.

  • Strategy

    Videography Strategy

  • Design

    Videography, Creative Direction

  • Client

    NFL Source: Super Bowl LIX Host Committee

  • Industry

    Corporate (Sports)

  • Status of Project


  • Client Type


  • Budget


  • Project Lead(s)

    Carrita Tanner-Cloud, Ryan Rouse

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