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January 1, 2022

Foremost Family Health Centers

The Challenge

Foremost Family Health Centers (FFHC), a FHQ Community Health Center located in Dallas, TX, and Balch Springs, faced several challenges with their existing website and internal processes. Their website had an outdated and cluttered aesthetic, making it difficult for patients and visitors to navigate and find resources easily. FFHC needed a revamped website that would provide a cleaner and more welcoming design, with improved navigation and a wealth of resources for patients and visitors. Additionally, their HR team was spending a significant amount of time onboarding new hires due to a lack of automation and online onboarding and learning.


The Solution

Creativity Justified, a renowned digital agency with expertise in web design, development, and recruitment campaigns, partnered with FFHC’s Executive team to address their challenges comprehensively. The objective was to create a new website that would enhance the user experience for patients and visitors while also streamlining internal processes through the implementation of a staff intranet and automation.

  • Website Revamp: Creativity Justified collaborated closely with the FFHC team to understand their goals, target audience, and desired functionality. They conceptualized and designed a beautiful new website that featured a cleaner look, more welcoming design, and improved navigation. The website was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a focus on providing an array of resources for patients and visitors. The revamped website also incorporated patient spotlights/profiles, highlighting success stories and showcasing FFHC’s impact on the underserved and underprivileged communities.
  • Staff Intranet: To streamline internal processes and enhance communication within the organization, Creativity Justified developed and deployed an online staff intranet for FFHC. The intranet provided employees with access to shared calendars, messaging platforms, file sharing, announcements, payroll, and benefit information. Additionally, the intranet facilitated online onboarding and learning for new hires, reducing the onboarding time from 3-4 days to a more efficient process.
  • Recruitment Campaigns: Creativity Justified also created and executed recruitment campaigns for FFHC, aimed at attracting top talent to join their team. These campaigns utilized various digital marketing strategies, including social media advertising, targeted job postings, and email marketing. The campaigns highlighted FFHC’s mission to provide healthcare to the underserved and underprivileged, emphasizing the rewarding and impactful nature of working at FFHC.


Creativity Justified, a skilled and experienced digital agency, was responsible for the creation and execution of the new website, staff intranet, and recruitment campaigns for Foremost Family Health Centers. Their team comprised talented web designers, developers, digital marketers, and project managers who collaborated closely with FFHC’s Executive team and HR department to ensure the successful implementation of the project.


Through their expertise and collaboration with FFHC, Creativity Justified successfully transformed FFHC’s online presence, providing a user-friendly website, streamlined internal processes, and effective recruitment campaigns. The new website not only offered a more welcoming and accessible experience for patients and visitors but also improved employee onboarding and communication, enabling FFHC to better serve the underserved and underprivileged communities in Dallas, TX, and Balch Springs.



Creativity Justified's task was to address FFHC's challenges by creating a new website with an improved aesthetic, enhanced navigation, and increased availability of resources for patients and visitors. They also developed and deployed a staff intranet to streamline internal processes, automate onboarding, and facilitate efficient communication among employees. Additionally, Creativity Justified executed recruitment campaigns to attract top talent to FFHC, leveraging digital marketing strategies to reach and engage potential candidates.

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