Supplier Diversity Registration

Creativity Justified is committed to supporting a diverse range of suppliers so our clients can find the services they want and need, helping our agency thrive. These partnerships take several forms, including providing access to our resources and expertise; sourcing from diverse creators, designers, vendors, agencies, contractors and suppliers; and accelerating prosperity through mentoring.

Our Supplier Diversity Program

We define “diverse-owned” suppliers as U.S.-based businesses that are more than 51% owned, controlled and operated by women; Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC); LGBTQIA+; veterans; or persons with disabilities.

As a certified MBE, WOSB, WBE, DBE and ByBlack advertising agency, we strongly advocate for suppliers to obtain diversity certifications. While it it not a requirement, special preference is given to suppliers who have obtained one or more diversity certification(s).

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